Monday, April 18, 2011

Who am I?

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Economic Dad.  You're here because you like being thrifty.  You're not cheap, you're frugal.  There's a difference!

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Charlie.  I grew up in a single parent household with my mother and brother.  My mother was a waitress working two, sometimes three jobs to pay rent, keeping our bellies full and the heat on.

Here's a breakdown of a typical meal at our house:

Sunday - Rice with cabbage and hotdogs.
Monday - Rice with cabbage and hotdogs.
Tuesday - Ramen noodles with cabbage and hotdogs.
Wednesday - Ramen noodles with cabbage and hotdogs.
Thursday - Rice with cabbage and sausage.
Friday - Rice with cabbage and sausage.
Saturday - Rice with cabbage and fried eggs.

Looking back, I know my mother had to do what she did, working all those jobs and making the best of our meals.  And as a kid, I didn't care what we ate.  It was normal.

Now, I'm married with two children of my own.  And I've picked up the same habits from my mother.  I don't think I'm as insane...err...I mean intense as her.  But this blog is going to be all things thrift and frugal.  It's an avenue to give advice and teach others about saving money.  We recently became debt free.  And when you're not out giving your money to restaurants, big clothing stores, and the banks, do you know what you have?  You got money!  And money is fun.  Because you can spend it on things you really really want without feeling bad or without dragging a payment.  You can share it and you can save it.

It's fun to be frugal.  So check the site out.  I'll be posting more regularly.